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My journey with the RCS Hospitality Group (formerly Reid Consulting Services) began 17 years ago. In the middle of a successful management career, I took a leap of faith and founded RCS as a way to apply my experience, education, and passion for excellence to the hospitality industry and the world of private clubs.


Since taking that first step our industry has witnessed many changes, from aging demographics, to shifting discretionary spending, to the opportunities inherent in increasingly diverse memberships. Everything we knew about this business 20 to 30 years ago has been turned upside down, yet the fundamental principles of hospitality have remained the same. All club managers are seeking ways to fuse service with technology and solve the puzzle of economics, culture, and member needs. Clubs today look much different than they did 30 years ago and the clubs of the future will continue to evolve. That's where RCS comes in.


I believe the road to success is paved with understanding. Understanding our societal changes; understanding the needs of our members; understanding that we cannot manage our businesses as we have in the past if we want to survive; understanding how the labor force is changing year to year; understanding that technology is as much a part of people’s lives as electricity; and understanding that we must evolve or we will lose relevance. At the same time, whatever new approaches are taken, they must align with long-standing traditions and eternal club values, and cannot alienate either long-term employees or long-standing members, or worse, miss the bottom-line objectives.


As a company, the RCS Hospitality Group believes in building upon the traditions of the past while remaining fully attuned to the realities of the present. The blending of state-of-the-art approaches to club management with the long-standing traditions of the club experience is the only way to remain relevant and viable in the future. We understand that this business is built on integrity and lasting relationships and we value our network of associates, colleagues, resources, and customers. Every member of our team has day-to-day experience in the club and hospitality industries and we bring that practical know-how to everything we do. 


Through teamwork, dedication, and hard work, we have partnered with some of the world's most spectacular facilities and are excited about those we will work with in the future. We hope that includes you! 

Contact us today.

Whitney Reid Pennell Founder & President 
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